Execution gets stuck after nested Sub-Process with no outgoing Sequence Flows


If an Embedded Sub-Process that is nested inside another Embedded Sub-Process does not have outgoing Sequence Flows, the Execution is not propagated to the parent Sub-Process, i.e., the outgoing Sequence Flows of the parent Sub-Process are not taken and the Process Instance is stuck.

In general, it might be bad style to have no End Event inside a Sub-Process, but it is perfectly valid in BPMN 2.0 to model and execute processes like that.
Furthermore, this style of modeling is even required for certain features like Event Sub-Processes (), for which the specification explicitly states:

An Event Sub-Process is not part of the normal flow of its parent Process_there are no incoming or outgoing Sequence Flows.

My feeling is that this problem occurs, because the SubProcessActivityBehavior does not call AbstractBpmnActivityBehavior#leave(). I tried calling it and it correctly propagates the execution to the parent Sub-Process. However, it seems to bring the process instance in an inconsistent state as it causes NullPointerExceptions in AtomicOperations later in the process.


Daniel Meyer (camunda)


Falko Menge (camunda)




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