Improve documentation for creating Designer Extensions


The documentation describes how to create and link an extension project for the designer. But it assumes, that people are using different eclipse-versions for creating the extension project AND working with it.

If one is using the very same eclipse instance, eclipse is unable to find the extensions:

If you have two projects, eclipse creates a "relative" Link inside the userlibrary, which is not working with the Designer.

  • Either state in the documentation, that one has to move the generated JAR file out of the project folder / workspace

  • Or modify designer to be able to understand the relative link. (if possible)

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create a Project "Activiti Designer Extensions"

  • Create a Project "Project1"

  • Build "Activiti Desinger Extensions" with appropriate content.

  • Create the User Library "Activiti Designer Extensions" and add the jar, located in "workspace/Activiti Designer Extensions/target"

  • Note the "link" being shown as "Activiti Designer Extensions/target" instead of absolute url.

  • Note "Project1" not beeing able to find the Extension.


  • Move the "jar" out of the workspace.

  • readd the new located jar to the user library.

  • Note the "Link" beeing shown with its absolute path.

  • Note "Project1" beeing able to find the Extension.

Heres a link to the actuall Forums description: (last posts)

I Attached 2 Screenshots, showing szenario1 and two.


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