Add field for last execution attempt for jobs


The current implementation will update the retry count after each attempt to execute a job. However, if job execution fails, all updates are rolled back consistent with the transaction scope. This behavior is fine, but offers no easy way to determine when there last was an attempt to execute a particular job. Such information would be very useful to anybody creating management tooling as it allows for inspection of activity pertaining to a job.

The proposal is to add a field that contains the date/time of the last attempt at job execution and is updated after each attempt. This will require a schema update to the runtime jobs table en will obviously have to run in a separate transaction, similar to the way the retry count is updated.

In addition to this, history of job execution could also be considered. Such a change would enable detailed analysis of past executions, including retrieval of the associated stacktraces for problem analysis.


Tiese Barrell


Tiese Barrell




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