Int type for data object not working in Activiti Designer


There seem to be different problems with creating data objects on process of type � int � in Activity Designer eclipse plugin (5.15.0, on Eclipse Luna 4.4.0) :

  • If I create a data object and choose �int� for its type, there is a NullPointerException in eclipse (shown in the error view), and the data object is not created.

  • If I create a data object with another, working type like string or boolean, and edit the XML manually to change the type to �xsd:int� it works. However, when I reopen the diagram, if I edit the data object, the type is not set to �int� in the drop down, but to string (but I can still continue working on other elements of the process, the data object is left to �xsd:int� in the XML).

(Also note that when doing mistakes in editing the BPMN manually in XML, sometimes when opening the diagram afterwards with the editor, it only shows a blank diagram. It would be very nice if we could have some kind of log, for example in Eclipse�s error view, to know where to look to correct the problem�I don�t know if I should enter a separate issue for this?)


Windows XP
Eclipse Luna (4.4.0)


Tijs Rademakers


Sophie Ramel




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