Modeler requires Java 6 to run


I heard the Modeler is only runnable on Java 6? Is that true, do you know? Since we want to be Java 5 runnable we should either document that exception properly, maybe even trigger to change the code (if there is no real big reason for Java 6) or maybe even just a fresh build can help?

On 08 Nov 2010, at 09:23, Joram Barrez wrote:

Frederik pointed me to the same conclusion last Friday.

The strange thing is, I've tested it on a naked windows with only JDK 5 and it did work.
I'm very surprised about the JDK 6 requirement, as it was changed months ago in the signavio core to be JDK 5 compliant.

There are a few things we can do:

  • document it for the moment

  • upload a patched modeler to the activiti downloads

  • hope that nobody notices

I will look into the issue and get back to you today.


Make a jira for it. Include in the description that this problem has been reported, but that we're still investigating in which situation the problem occurs.
Then in the docs we can make a remark saying " Known limitation: Reports have been made that Activiti Modeler doesn't run on certain JDK 5 environments, we're still investigating, see ACT-??? for more details.

That way, we don't say it will never work on jdk 5 as that would be an overstatement. And we invite the community to give us more reports/insight.




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