Boundary timer continues its execution even if attached User task is completed


Hi Guys,

This is now more strange behavior of Activity framework. Have a look at attached images:

If I have done something like the 'Working Scenario.png', which simply says the User Task with which Boundary timer is attached, has End task at it's outflow. And as per my steps of reproducing:
1) Let boundary timer execute Once
2) Complete the User action defined in the User task which has Boundary timer attached to it

The Boundary timer doesn't executes afterwards, as it's entry in act_ru_job vanishes due to completion of the user task. (Which is ideal scenario and behavior of Boundary Timer)

Here comes the problematic scenario, Refer: 'Not Working.png', If I have simply added anything (a User Task/ Any Gateway) as a outflow of User Task(which has boundary timer attached to it), Performing my steps for reproducing mentioned above, and what I see is, Boundary timer's entry is not vanished from act_ru_job, it continues it's execution till configured 'timeCycle' is not reached despite User task's action has been completed !!!!

Do let me know how can I fix it ( if not major issue then !! ) or probable fix version of Activiti that will fix it. My personal wish is if I get any sample code, which can fix this issue easily, but let me know from your side the root cause and further actions that you are gonna take to fix it.

REFER below link to know more about this issue, as this issue is also faced by others and I want it to get fixed ASAP:

NOTE: We are using Acitiviti Framework Version : 5.15

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