Review API and build systematic test coverage


The API needs to be reviewed in order to get the stability we need after
Systematic test coverage of the API should be created under package org.activiti.test.api
Systematic review of the Javadocs
Joram will manage good coverage over BPMN features in the org.activiti.test.bpmn packages

Specific items to review:

  • Make exceptions and return values consistent in the API
    First define a strategy on when exceptions will be thrown and when null values will be returned.
    Then discuss that strategy and get consensus.
    To be covered in the strategy:

  • null values as parameters in service methods (and more broadly in the whole api)

  • null values are return values. document if it is possible or not.

  • collections as return values, always non null possible?

  • exceptions, when will activiti exceptions be thrown. maybe what other exceptions could be expected.
    Then implement tests to verify this and add explanations to the API javadocs.

See links for other API related issues planned in this release


Frederik Heremans


Tom Baeyens




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