Enhancing the create task input field


The search task input field box on top of the task list should be replaced by an input field to create new tasks. The 'New Task' button should move right next to that input field.

The input field text should be parsed as the task name, but following decorations should be parsed from that input field:

  • "@tbaeyens" would mean assign this task to Tom Baeyens

  • "#due 2 days" would set the due date of the task

  • etc

We should use shortcuts to position the cursor into one of the following input fields

  • ALT+T for positioning the cursor in the create new task input field

  • ALT+P for adding a new person to the task. it should be positioned in an input field with code completion. default role should be assignee.

  • ALT+S for specifying a subtask. The subtask input field should be exactly the same as the create new task field, but positioned in the section for subtasks.

  • ALT+A for specifying an attachment

We should consider inline parsed commands in the inputfields to create people, attachments and comments.


Frederik Heremans


Tom Baeyens




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