Release Notes - Activiti - Version 5.13 - HTML format


  • [ACT-1264] - ACT-1261 Reintroduce ExportMarshaller invocation


  • [ACT-1388] - NPE in ExecutionEntity#ensureExecutionsInitialized()
  • [ACT-1426] - Nested multi-instance activities do not work
  • [ACT-1542] - CommandContext Logs and Re-throws Exceptions
  • [ACT-1575] - Update REST API http methods for creating user and groups
  • [ACT-1578] - Update documentation: sort parameter in REST-API method /process-definitions
  • [ACT-1591] - Referential integrity constraint violation on PROC_INST and IDENTITY_LINK
  • [ACT-1596] - Not generated boundary event in diagram created by Rapha��l
  • [ACT-1605] - The execution of many processes at once will cause constraint violations with the ID_ field.
  • [ACT-1607] - org.activiti.engine.ActivitiIllegalArgumentException: taskId is null when using taskService.addComment with process instance
  • [ACT-1613] - Ambiguous type for properties exists in org.activiti.engine.impl.persistence.entity.ExecutionEntity
  • [ACT-1619] - NullPointerException when no script is given to the script task,leading to process failure
  • [ACT-1620] - My Instances view fails to generate process diagram
  • [ACT-1623] - NPE when eventbased gateway is after referenced event
  • [ACT-1626] - Make not storing variable automatically in scripts the default
  • [ACT-1641] - Process diagram not shown for certain hostnames
  • [ACT-1653] - Deleting candidate users/groups for any user task
  • [ACT-1654] - Camel integration does not handle exceptions propagated back by Camel DefaultErrorHandler
  • [ACT-1655] - Wrong execution order
  • [ACT-1656] - Designer puts Task listener class where Execution listener class should be
  • [ACT-1657] - Wrong execution order of execution-listeners on event-based gateway and service-task
  • [ACT-1664] - Parsing results in exception when using textannotation on collaboration tag
  • [ACT-1668] - Auto refresh of task counts after task completion in Explorer
  • [ACT-1669] - Possible NPE in ActivitiDiagramMatchingStrategy
  • [ACT-1673] - CamelBehavior throws Exception when using with StrongUuidGenerator
  • [ACT-1674] - Classloading bug when using ExpressionFactory in OSGI environment
  • [ACT-1677] - Strange stack trace closing a process via REST
  • [ACT-1679] - Activiti 5.12.1 not compatiable with Mybatis 3.2.2
  • [ACT-1685] - In activiti-web-explorer2, when call method "drawCollapsedCallActivity" throw an error "Object#<Object> has no method 'drawCollapsedTask'"
  • [ACT-1688] - Add identity-links to history and allow querying history based on involvedUser
  • [ACT-1690] - NPE when converting to BPMN a model with boundary event that is not attached to a task
  • [ACT-1695] - HistoricVariableInstance incorrect when variable type changes
  • [ACT-1698] - Activiti fails to build when default charset is Windows-1252
  • [ACT-1702] - Setting the databaseTablePrefix not possible directly on the ProcessEngineConfiguration
  • [ACT-1703] - The "result variable name" attribute of a Java service task is lost when exporting a process
  • [ACT-1709] - Some fields cannot be set directly on the ProcessEngineConfiguration
  • [ACT-1729] - Activiti Explorer does not show subprocesses

New Feature

  • [ACT-1535] - UserQuery and GroupQuery support native query
  • [ACT-1588] - Native query support paging
  • [ACT-1647] - Enable querying TaskService for Tasks including local variables
  • [ACT-1652] - Add support for message start events to the REST-API
  • [ACT-1680] - Support for custom ProcessEngine selection in REST
  • [ACT-1691] - Allow to update process definition category through RepositoryService
  • [ACT-1696] - Provide out of the box LDAP integration
  • [ACT-1706] - Add fullNameLike to UserQuery


  • [ACT-1396] - Bring REST api in sync with Java API
  • [ACT-1707] - Remove UserCache from Activiti Explorer


  • [ACT-1523] - Always set ProcessDefinitionId available on JobEntity
  • [ACT-1576] - Rest API improvements for getting tasks
  • [ACT-1606] - Create a convenience method in TaskService to set a task's due date
  • [ACT-1616] - Expose activityID in interface Execution (add a public getter for activityID)
  • [ACT-1642] - Deprecated IMAGE datatype under MS SQL Server
  • [ACT-1650] - New UserManagement API for usage with Spring AOP
  • [ACT-1672] - Add getKey() to PvmProcessDefinition
  • [ACT-1704] - Option to exclude subprocesses in ProcessInstancesQuery and HistoricProcessInstanceQuery
  • [ACT-1705] - Some methods on the {{ProcessEngineConfiguration}} are not supporting the builder pattern

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