Release Notes - Activiti - Version 5.16 - HTML format


  • [ACT-1945] - Empty diagram produces xml parse error
  • [ACT-1955] - Can not use table-driven editor (Kickstart) with LDAP-User
  • [ACT-1977] - 5.15.1 release missing activiti-process-validation jar file
  • [ACT-1978] - Obsolete signal subscriptions are not being removed, causing signals to be fired in old process definitons
  • [ACT-1988] - Camel routes containing activiti consumers cannot be adviced.
  • [ACT-1995] - ExtensionElement does not parse correctly and xml generation contains redundant namespace declarations
  • [ACT-2000] - custom attribute parser fails with empty string for namespace
  • [ACT-2005] - NPE ValuedDataObjectXMLConverter class for empty-valued data objects
  • [ACT-2016] - Tenancy does not work for call activity
  • [ACT-2023] - Optimize namespace usage - redundant namespace usage in XML
  • [ACT-2026] - Modeler workspace never opens
  • [ACT-2027] - MessageEventDefinitionParseHandler does not set extension elements.
  • [ACT-2033] - Camel component cannot be multi instance
  • [ACT-2042] - runtimeService.deleteProcessInstance does not set process instance end time when current activity is a scope
  • [ACT-2047] - Incorrect self comparison of value with itself
  • [ACT-2048] - Redundant null check in org.activiti.engine.impl.persistence.entity.JobEntity
  • [ACT-2049] - Multi tenancy support is not working in case of duplicate filtering while deploying processes
  • [ACT-2050] - Suspicious equals() test in org.activiti.engine.impl.persistence.entity.DeploymentEntityManager
  • [ACT-2052] - Subprocess DataObjects created in wrong scope.
  • [ACT-2055] - Subprocess extensions are not getting parsed
  • [ACT-2056] - Incorrect 'contains' comparision
  • [ACT-2057] - Equals method for ValuedDataObject should use .equals()
  • [ACT-2058] - Null deference possible
  • [ACT-2059] - Redundant null test in execute method
  • [ACT-2060] - Method uses the same code for two branches
  • [ACT-2069] - Rest service can't run in JBoss

New Feature

  • [ACT-1996] - DiagramGenerator does not give possibility to change icons for custom service tasks
  • [ACT-2011] - Expose formKey on Task
  • [ACT-2038] - Custom IdentityLinkType support


  • [ACT-1987] - Portuguese brazilian translation of Activiti
  • [ACT-2002] - Upgrade Restlet & Jackson libraries
  • [ACT-2037] - Performance - Bulk deletion of variables at process end
  • [ACT-2051] - Code change: a null check is not needed before using instanceof.

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