Release Notes - Activiti - Version 5.17 - HTML format


  • [ACT-1527] - ProcessDiagramGenerator misses instructions for message start event
  • [ACT-1544] - Asynchronous Continuations join exception
  • [ACT-1849] - Null pointer exception when deploying a workflow created by Activiti explorer integrated workflow editor
  • [ACT-1900] - RuntimeService.getVariables(String, Collection) fetches all variables from DB
  • [ACT-2061] - Suspicious instanceOf test
  • [ACT-2062] - FeatureDescriptor's setValue method will not accept a null value
  • [ACT-2068] - update for redundant namespace usage
  • [ACT-2071] - Non executable processes are no validation failure
  • [ACT-2083] - Autolayout fails with subprocess data objects
  • [ACT-2084] - TaskService.unclaim(taskId) does not fire an ActivitiEvent
  • [ACT-2088] - drawEventBasedGateway does not work
  • [ACT-2093] - the label of sequenceFlow is wrong
  • [ACT-2096] - Deadlock while concurrently finishing process instances on MSSQL
  • [ACT-2102] - Duplicate condition in 'if' statement
  • [ACT-2103] - Sql bug with task query when using OR statement
  • [ACT-2116] - Fix unreachable code in org.activiti.engine.test.api.event.DatabaseEventLoggerTest
  • [ACT-2120] - JobRetryCmd doesn't use tenantId to query the activity
  • [ACT-2122] - Exception while copying JMS headers and properties from Camel to Activiti
  • [ACT-2145] - Activiti Modeler UserTask form property expression problem
  • [ACT-2151] - Deployment fails when Intermediate Event is waiting for same message as start message
  • [ACT-2155] - Boolean field form is converted to String
  • [ACT-2157] - Activiti diagram drawing missing some nodes
  • [ACT-2159] - Infinite loop when using multi instance service task
  • [ACT-2164] - The converter BPMN to XML does not manage correctly /definitions/message/@itemRef
  • [ACT-2166] - Missing ${prefix} before ACT_ID_MEMBERSHIP in script /org/activiti/db/mapping/entity/Task.xml
  • [ACT-2168] - Standard XML preamble is missing on SOAP request sent
  • [ACT-2171] - NPE, integrity constraint violation, and timers firing after task completion on processes with certain combinations of timers, messages, and user tasks
  • [ACT-2206] - BaseElement should support unqualified attributes

New Feature

  • [ACT-1963] - Data Object support for Activiti Modeler
  • [ACT-2073] - Document custom identity link feature in User Guide
  • [ACT-2074] - add support for custom identity links to Modeler


  • [ACT-2089] - Task sorting on due date needs to place those with due date null after those with a duedate
  • [ACT-2091] - Add likeIgnoreCase for most used properties with like query
  • [ACT-2092] - Create parent interface for TaskQuery and HistoricTaskInstanceQuery that groups all common methods
  • [ACT-2094] - New method "getVariableInstances()" on VariableScopeImpl
  • [ACT-2105] - Performace issue in query to get row of ACT_HI_VARINST

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