Release Notes - Activiti - Version 5.19 - HTML format


  • [ACT-1768] - Revision of same variable is always zero
  • [ACT-2129] - Activiti can't store string variables with length >2000 and <4000 characters in oracle db
  • [ACT-3997] - Validate bpmn components for max length
  • [ACT-4066] - Timer Start Event ignores Time Cycle value if iteration count not present
  • [ACT-4069] - Activiti Spring Boot REST API starter incompatible with Spring Boot HATEOAS starter
  • [ACT-4079] - NullPointerException in DbSqlSessionFactory.isBulkInsertable() when Custom Entity is inserted
  • [ACT-4084] - Multi instance parallel task fails with empty collection

New Feature

  • [ACT-4141] - messageEventReceivedAsync with variableMap


  • [ACT-4072] - Repeating timer with no repetition bound does not follow duration


  • [ACT-4095] - Performance improvement suggestion for RuntimeService.deleteProcessInstance()
  • [ACT-4099] - All BPMN diagrams missing from new documentation

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